cropped-icon.jpg First off, this is a cooking blog, but I won’t be posting recipes unless I put in a few of my own.  I’m cooking every recipe out of Richard Burr’s book, Bake It Yourself so if you want a recipe, or know more go to the source in UK or US.  I would read his site first anyway, it is great!   What this blog will do is hold me accountable to my commitment to the adventure of cooking every recipe in this book -82 bakes!!!  I will try and use my failures and information searches figure out how to translate baking recipes, and especially UK recipes, for someone more use to making muffins than puff pastry.  What is “corn flour” as a thickening agent?  Is passata the same as tomato sauce?  Why didn’t my pudding pud….?  Can a amateur baker really get through all these complicated recipes- even the star bakes?  Will it be more amusing to see the successes or laugh at the failures?  Can I fatten up my friends and co-workers while losing weight myself?  Can I keep my cats out of the cooking?  I don’t know, but I know I will find out-and that is grand!